Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Robert Spencer Exposed the president of CAIR Chicago Chapter . LOL

Brave Sir Ahmed ran away: Hamas-linked CAIR op passed up a chance to be on ALA panel, and now crows about his victory over free speech
Brave Sir Ahmed
In "The Islam-Basher and the Librarian Kerkuffle" at the Huffington Post, July 14, Ahmed Rehab of Hamas-linked CAIR-Chicago, who just succeeded in strong-arming the American Library Association into canceling a panel on which I had been scheduled to appear, crows about his campaign against free speech and the truth about Islamic jihad.
However, he left a few things out. No problem, Ahmed. I'm here to help, and always glad to be of service. Here is what Ahmed Rehab left out as he told his side of the story:
1. Informed sources have revealed to me that Ahmed Rehab of CAIR was invited by Myra Appel of the American Library Association to join this panel with me. Rehab refused. Instead of seizing the opportunity to show me up, prove me wrong, and thus severely damage, if not destroy, my reputation, Ahmed Rehab took the coward's and thug's way out, pressuring the other panelists to drop off the panel, and the ALA to cancel the whole thing.
Can't handle the truth, eh, Ahmed? But no worries: I am right here, at director@jihadwatch.org, and ready to meet you in debate anytime, anywhere, at my own expense. If I am so clearly and obviously wrong about jihad and Islamic supremacism, it ought to be easy for you to best me, no? If you can manage to stop cowering under the bed long enough, poor lamb!
Here is a song honor of the brave Rehab, with apologies to Monty Python:
Brave Sir Ahmed ran away.Bravely ran away, away!When Spencer reared his ugly head,He bravely turned his tail and fled.Yes, brave Sir Ahmed turned aboutAnd gallantly he chickened out.Bravely taking to his feetHe beat a very brave retreat,Bravest of the brave, Sir Ahmed!
2. Rehab quotes copiously from my bio information here, but he left out this:
Spencer...has led seminars on Islam and jihad for the United States Central Command, United States Army Command and General Staff College, the U.S. Army's Asymmetric Warfare Group, the FBI, the Joint Terrorism Task Force, and the U.S. intelligence community. [...]
In addition to the seminars on Islam and jihad that Spencer has led for the United States Central Command, United States Army Command and General Staff College, a Department of Homeland Security task force, the FBI, branches of the Joint Terrorism Task Force, and the U.S. intelligence community, he has discussed jihad, Islam, and terrorism at a workshop sponsored by the U.S. State Department and the German Foreign Ministry.
Why do you think he left all that out? Could it be that he doesn't want HuffPo readers and the ALA to know that I am not the ignorant bigot and racist of his defamatory caricature?
3. Rehab also left out a few facts about his employer. CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terror funding case. Its operatives have repeatedly refused to denounce Hamas and Hizballah as terrorist groups. Several of its former officials have been convicted of various crimes related to jihad terror. Several of its other officials have made Islamic supremacist statements. CAIR also was involved in the Flying Imams' intimidation suit against the passengers who reported their suspicious behavior.
Hmmm. Now why wouldn't he want anyone to know about his organization's proud track record?
(Photo thanks to Joe Kaufman.)
UPDATE: Rehab has completely reworked his HuffPo piece, larding it with photos of me (wearing a shirt!) and largely unsupported (surprise!) claims about my work. But no admission that he was invited onto the panel and didn't have the guts to appear, and no acceptance of my challenge to debate here. How about it, Ahmed? What is it that you don't want the American people to know?
And in a fine distillation of the essence of the man's character, he adds in this preposterous ex post facto prophecy: "I would not be surprised if he were to read this piece only to respond with a juvenile personal attack against me on his hate blog." This was not in his original article, and clearly he had already seen this post when he wrote it. Mr. Rehab, are you even capable of being honest?

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